Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Google Glasses With Virtual And Augmented Reality

March 21, 2012

This article basically states a new product that is under development by Google. The new Google glasses will be a product that the world has never seen before. These glasses will demonstrate a combined features of virtual reality and augmented reality. As you turn your head, these glasses will demonstrate information such as: nearby objects, buildings, establishments via Google map, and entertainment. These glasses can also be bought with prescription. I truly believe that this object would change the way our world works. It is a very creative innovation and it is one of the better inventions made on Earth.

The trend is very technological and offers a pair of glasses that can pass as being called "smart glasses". These glasses help consumers become more informative about the things around them (Objects, buildings, entertainment).

This trend is changing the way our world works in several different ways, this object helps out people without a phone of a laptop. This object can basically work in the same manner as a GPS. However, these glasses would also provide consumers with accurate information while they are walking. According to me, this product will change the way our society works.

This product can create various opportunities for Entrepreneurs. Production and distribution of this product alone can create many jobs and many businesses. Furthermore, there will be more competition between companies that sell similar products which would also create more inventions in the future. There are also many other ways how this product is beneficial for Entrepreneurs.

As of now, there are not any Canadian companies that are taking advantage of this trend because it is a new product to the market and Google itself has not launched it yet.

I certainly feel that will trend will not fade away if the company keeps adding more and different designed glasses instead of just one. Google should also consider partnering up with brand name glasses company (Ray Ban, CK, Prada, Gucci) which would allow different kinds of products and would attract more customers. Other than that, this product is fabulous and has the potential to last a very long time.

Article 2

Article: The 50 Best Inventions of 2010, iPad

Date: 28/03/2012

This article describes the new Apple product, iPad. It states how Apple is out-smarting all the other companies in the industry with their outstanding inventions. It is safe to state that Apple is the best technology company in our market, and their new inventions will shake us all. The iPad is a mini-laptop/i-pod designed to be very consumer friendly and handy. 

The trend is a new gadget. This trend is changing the society significantly as this new invention has changed the idea of a modern day gadget. It has also managed to affect business is several ways. Due to the gigantic consumer base of this product, iPad has already managed to help the economy by selling numerous units. This helps our money rotate and economy running. This product can create an abundant amount of opportunities for Entrepreneurs. For example: the invention of iPad can allow Entrepreneurs to sell skins and other accessories for this product which can be a profiting business. This is just one of the examples of a business opportunity that this invention brings along with it.

Canadian companies such as Blackberry are taking advantages of this trend by invention smart phones and Playbooks. These gadgets are very identical and relate to each other in several ways. 

Without a doubt, this trend is here to last. This is a never ending trend as Entrepreneurs and Scientists will always come up with new technology that will always attract consumers. This world has become very technological, and therefore it is impossible for trends like these to fade away.

3. Sources for Entrepreneurs

a. - This website gives you information on the latest technological trends. This is great because you can view the newest products in the market and get an idea of what sorts of inventions are being made. Example: Google Glasses

b. - This website shows the latest fashion trends which is great for Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. It gives examples of many celebrities and new cool clothing. It is a good website to get an idea of new clothes in the market.

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